Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dream A Little

Blazer: H&M
Dress: Target
Scarf: Talbot's
Shoes: Plenty by Tracy Reese

My friend had to attend Dreamforce for a homework assignment, so I decided to tag along and check out what all the hullabaloo was about. Since this was a professional setting, I decided to dress as professionally as I possibly could with my usual combo of a blazer, dress, and black flats. I threw in a scarf to accessorize for fun as well. For those of you who don't know, Dreamforce is a huge convention thrown by Salesforce to bring together consumers, business people, and companies for networking and showcasing. It's a big to-do, and I honestly have to admit that I was a bit lost wandering through the convention halls. There were just so many people who seemed to exist in a different world than I do, run by business, consumerism, and innovation. I suppose I still feel like a young adult lost in a grown-up world, still trying to find my footing. Dreamforce isn't for me right now, but I do admit that aspects of it were intriguing. Who knows, one day I may become one of the attendees who actually belong...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frozen Invasion

I've been having a bit too much fun coming up with different ideas to make items out of Frozen fabrics, since the movie is still a big hit and people are scrambling to find fun Frozen merchandise. They've released a lot of cute new fabrics at the fabric stores, probably for winter, so I thought I'd take advantage of this opportunity and purchase some fabric to make a few items for the shop. The only problem I had was with the flannel fabric and figuring out what to make. I didn't buy very much and I didn't really want to make pajama pants to sell, so I ended up attempting to make an infinity scarf. Turns out I made it way too short, but it still can function as a kids muffler scarf so I thought I would just put it on anyways.

Anyways feel free to take a look here! I think these items would make great gifts for the young Frozen fans in your lives. I'm having fun brainstorming more ideas for the shop too, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to share them!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Off the Grid

Cardigan & Dress: Forever 21
Blouse: H&M
Tights: Talbot's
Boots: Sperry

We had a random cold spell in the city last week, and of course it would fall upon the day my friends and I visit Off the Grid. For those of you who don't know, Off the Grid is a weekly food truck event where various vendors participating in Off the Grid gather to sell food. Their biggest gathering is on Friday evenings at Fort Mason, where the most food trucks and vendors make an appearance. It's a fun way to try various types of unique and ethnic foods, as well as some crazy concoctions such as Rice Krispy fried chicken sandwiches, pork belly bao sandwiches, ice cream waffle tacos, and so much more.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Macaron PJ Pants

As practical as I would like to be sometimes, there's no getting around the adorable factor in these PJ pants. I found this macaron flannel fabric at Jo-Ann and I knew I couldn't resist, especially for $2.99 a yard. I quickly whipped these up last weekend while watching the Giants game, and now I have another adorable pair of PJ pants to wear this winter. Now I'm debating on going back and getting more of the same fabric for a matching top...decisions, decisions.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Going to the 'Ship

Blazer: Nordstrom
Scarf: Tie Rack in London
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Talbots
Shoes: Miz Mooz

My outfit for an interview last week. I pulled out a bunch of old favorites, including my good ol' Miz Mooz oxford heels and this classic dress from Charlotte Russe I bought in Las Vegas in high school. In fact, most of the items in this outfit are at least 3 years old, the most recent being the blazer I purchased at Nordstrom. Guess it goes to show you that classic pieces never go out of style :)

In other exciting news, the Giants are headed to the World Series for the third time in 5 years! Super exciting news, I seriously am so happy for our boys in black and orange, and can't believe it's happening! I know we have our work cut out for us though, because the Royals are a tough team and have not lost a postseason game yet. However, Giants are looking to break that streak and win the Fall Classic. It's an even year guys...it's our time :) Seriously cannot wait, we got this!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beware the Frozen Heart

Kimono Jacket: Forever 21
T-Shirt: Gift
Shorts: Uniqlo
Shoes: Keds

I love Frozen as much as the next person, so when my friend Judy invited me to a neighborhood outdoor showing in the park of the film, I couldn't say no. It was a very sunny and warm day, so I thought I'd dress lightweight in this velvet kimono jacket and floral shorts, complete with a Frozen shirt my friend got me for my birthday. Shorts were probably not the wisest decision however, as outdoor movie in the park obviously meant a ton of mosquitoes. I wish I had the foresight to have predicted that...nevertheless, the lovely evening with Judy and Frozen was worth it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

365 Project Round Up

For today's post, I thought I would do a photographic round-up of my 365 project featuring a photo from each month. As I've mentioned before, I can't believe it's been an entire year since I started this venture. Part of me feels like I should attempt to continue it, though I know it will definitely not be every single day. I'm no photographer, but I do like the idea of documenting small snippets of my day-to-day through one photo each and every day.

October 2013-January 2014

February 2013-May 2013

June 2014-September 2014