Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello Postseason

Cardigan: Gap
Blouse & Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Sperry

A bit of a preppy look from last week. Today was the official last day of the regular season of baseball (my, how 6 months fly by), and it was a bit bittersweet. My mom and I attended fan appreciation day and had a blast, complete with a few freebies and a few player farewells as we waited for all the players to leave the ballpark. The Giants season isn't over yet, but our postseason hangs in the balance this week with our Wild Card game on Wednesday against the Pirates. It's a do-or-die game that determines whether we make it into the NLDS, and it's a bit nerve-wracking to think that our entire season is based on this one game. I know the Pirates are a great team, but I like to think that the Giants can hold their own too. Fingers crossed we'll be continuing much further into the postseason, but one step at a time. Here's to October :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Following the Trend

Cardigan: Uniqlo
Shirt: Victoria's Secret
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Keds

I've been wanting a varsity, sporty tee like this for a long time, probably since sporty things have been in trend for quite some time. And though I probably have a ton of Giants and baseball tees and whatnot already, I thought I would add this simple varsity tee from Victoria's Secret to my collection. I love the classic look complete with the black stripes on the arm. Maybe once it goes on sale I may contemplate getting a maroon one as well...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I would hardly call myself an entrepreneur, but it's a nice word and I would like to think it applies to me in a small way. For months I had been wanting to start an Etsy shop of my own, but initially I had no idea what I wanted to make. My creative and crafting skills primarily consisted of sewing, and even then my sewing skills are quite amateur. Still, I want a chance to try starting my own shop and selling my own products, items I was passionate about making and would wear myself.

One day, my friend showed me a Marvel skirt on Etsy because she was thinking about getting a skirt for her trip to San Diego Comic Con, and I said to her that I could just make it for her. She told me that I could pretty much make those skirts and sell them on Etsy too, and I thought to myself, hey that's an idea. So I did a lot of research and made many trips to the fabric store, and I finally decided upon making skirts and supplemental scarves for my Etsy shop. I started with the baseball scarves, then moved onto scarves featuring fabrics from the movie Frozen, which seem have been a small success. I finally just uploaded the skirts after months of brainstorming, sewing, and procrastination. The Marvel skirts were my main focus, so now that the initial uploading is completed, all that's left is coming up with new products while waiting for orders to come in (fingers crossed!). It's an exciting venture, and I can't wait to come up with new products. As I said, my products are items I like personally and would probably wear, so I suppose that's where I should start: coming up with new things I would wear. I have a couple ideas in mind, and Christmas is coming up so this would be a good opportunity to start making new products.

If you guys are interested, come take a look! I had a hard time coming up with a name for my shop, and originally I wanted to call it Made By Mel because it was simple and clear, but the name was taken already so I just ended up calling it Made By Melephant. Not sure if I'll keep that name, but I don't know what else to put at the moment. My friends were all telling me I should come up with a banner and business cards and clothes labels, but I think I'll keep it pretty simple for now.

I'm so glad Etsy gives people the chance to sell their handmade goods in such an easy format. Although I can't guarantee this will be successful at all, it's a chance I'm willing to take and hope it pays off, though I'm only looking to do this on the side for fun as a hobby. For now, this is the bulk of my items, but I'm hoping to introduce more products in the near future.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weather or Not

Jacket: Forever 21
Shirt: Target
Skort: Uniqlo
Shoes: Keds

We were enjoying some nice weather last week here in the city, so I took the opportunity to wear this Uniqlo skort to work. I love how versatile this skort is; it works so well for a nice put-together outfit as well as to run around in. I have another one in a peach/beige-ish color as well, and I consider them some of my everyday staples.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lazy Pants

Cardigan: Geoffrey Beene
Blouse: Target
Pants: Made by me
Flats: Plenty by Tracy Reese

A simple outfit featuring my palazzo pants I made several months ago. This is my favorite look to wear when I'm feeling especially lazy but want to look somewhat put together. I still don't know if these pants are especially flattering on me, but I love the print so much that I don't care. The only downside to these bottoms is that I'm slightly afraid to bend over or stretch the fabric in any way in case it rips...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Video Gamer Night

Picked up this awesome Giants-themed Assassin's Creed figurine from the game yesterday. It's such a unique and cool idea, whoever came up with this. The only thing that would have made it perfect would be if it was an actual Giants player dressed as the assassin...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quest for October

Jacket & Jersey: Giants Dugout Store
Jeans: BDG
Boots: Target

Gonna talk a little baseball for today because the month of September has arrived and as baseball fans know, it's such a crucial and important month for those seeking a postseason spot. Giants are right smack behind the Dodgers for the first place spot for the NL West, and although we are first in the Wild Card race, I would much prefer the security of the NL West lead. Giants are only 2 1/2 games behind I believe, but those wretched Dodgers refuse to lose so it's been difficult trying to gain ground on them. However, I truly believe the Giants are meant for the postseason this year, so fingers crossed and don't stop believing, as we do still have several weeks of baseball left. That being said, I went to last night's awesome game. Giants knocked out the starting pitcher for the D'backs in the 3rd inning and went to win it 5-1. Yusmeiro Petit delivered an amazing performance by throwing a 1-hit shutout in only 84 pitches. Fantastic performance...Petit has been breaking records since joining the Giants and I'm so proud of him. I'm also excited for tonight's game since I'm actually going again. It's Video Gamer Night and they're giving away these Giants-themed Assassin's Creed figurines, so naturally my friends and I have to go. Can't wait for another stellar performance by the Giants and hopefully a win. Anyways this outfit is primarily what I wear to most baseball games: jeans, jacket, and a jersey. Probably going to end up wearing the same outfit two days in a row, but who's to know?

I have to say though, I'm so grateful that I live in a baseball town with the greatest team ever (incredibly biased I know), and I have the opportunity to go to so many games, it's almost insane. I think this season alone, I've been to the most games I've ever gone to, probably close to 20+ games, not to mention spring training earlier this year. Sorry for getting all sappy on you guys, but baseball is my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way :) Go Giants!