Sunday, February 22, 2015

Old Town San Diego

After three glorious days in Disneyland, we packed up our bags and headed south to San Diego. I'd only been to SD once before in my life, and I barely remember anything except a few vague memories of the zoo and Legoland (which isn't even SD, I know). We made our way to our hotel in Old Town San Diego, which was the coolest little area in SD. The abundance of history and culture, combined with the quaint shops and historic reproductions made this area so fun to stay at and explore. We lucked out with our hotel, the Best Western Hacienda Hotel in Old Town, which I highly recommend if you guys ever go to SD. Not only were the rates decent, we had the prettiest room with a balcony overlooking Old Town and the city of SD, and we could watch the sunset from our balcony every evening. It was picturesque, quaint, and idyllic, and I honestly loved our experience in Old Town so much. We had so much to do in the few days we were in SD, so we split our time exploring Old Town between our first night and our last morning.

Part of our hotel package included free breakfast buffets :)

Old Town is where some of the earliest Europeans established themselves on the west coast, and where much of San Diego grew out of. Although most of the buildings are reproductions of the the past, the rich history they represent still makes the area a popular place for tourists. I love learning about American history and getting to pretend that for a moment, I'm transported back in time to early America. There were a bunch of little museums and shops, all presented in a way to appear old-fashioned. We had such a blast exploring and learning about the roots of San Diego. I'm also a horribly cliche tourist, and I wanted to buy souvenirs left and right, but I resisted to a few mere baubles.

On our first night, we wandered around peeking into the many restaurants in Old Town, and eventually settled on Cafe Cayote. I was determined to stuff myself full of Mexican food while in San Diego, and Cafe Cayote definitely hit the spot. We treated ourselves to some yummy margaritas, and I had a carnitas plate with a little bit of everything. It was super delicious, and I honestly would go back the next time I visit San Diego. So much food, so yummy! Plus we were serenaded by some lovely Spanish gentlemen, so our fun evening set the tone for the rest of our San Diego trip.

Old Town was definitely a blast, and the next time I go back to SD I'm staying at the Hacienda Hotel once again! It's so quaint and old-fashioned, and a short and convenient walk down to Old Town. Stay tuned for more San Diego adventures!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Pop of Color

Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: H&M
Keds: Macy's

I'm a bit obsessed with these red Keds I picked up at Macy's a few months ago. They had been on my wishlist for years and I finally made the plunge and added it to my Keds collection. I had imagined wearing them to Disneyland with this dress, and while I did bring it with me to Disneyland, I ended up not wearing them at the park because of the weather. Still, they add a nice pop of color to any outfit in a casual way, and I love them :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fanfest 2015

Another February, another Fanfest. With the end of football season comes the beginning of baseball, and with a mere three days away until pitchers and catchers report, I thought I would write about my trip to Fanfest last weekend. This year a little bit of rain hit the city and we were fearing a storm would hit Fanfest, but the rain ended up taking a brief break that day, save for a light drizzle here and there. It was an otherwise good Fanfest, even though the autograph situation cast a small shadow on the day. In terms of people I saw this year, looking at my photos from last year, I feel like I saw most of the same players in the same spots. Coincidence much?

Early morning wait

We started our day somewhat bright and early and waited in line as usual to get into the park. Once the gates opened, we ran to the autograph lines to wait patiently for our turn (and luck) at getting an amazing autograph. As I've mentioned previously, my ideal autographs would be from Buster Posey or Hunter Pence, but I haven't had such luck ever, and they remain elusive as ever. The line we stood in went through several rotations, including Gregor Blanco, Bruce Bochy, Matt Cain, Brandon Belt, and Javier Lopez.

Bruce Bochy

Gregor Blanco and Javier Lopez

Sir Hensley Meulens and Adam Duvall

Right about five people before we got to the front of the line, Bruce Bochy ended up leaving, and he switched out with Sir Hensley Meulens (our hitting coach) and Adam Duvall. I have several Duvall autographs from spring training of last year, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn't Bochy or another player I haven't gotten an autograph from. But as consolation, the ballpark staff member was standing by me in line and he turned to me and offered me a Matt Cain autograph (from earlier when Cain was signing in this section). I was ecstatic! A Matt Cain autograph definitely made up for the day, even though receiving it personally from Cain would have been the best. Still, I was super happy.

Jeremy Affeldt, Buster Posey, and Tim Hudson

After grabbing a bit of lunch and walking around, we ended our afternoon at the Q&A session. No Fanfest is complete without a Buster Posey sighting for me, and of course I caught him at the Q&A for the third straight year in a row. I swear the guy has gotten sassier and more comfortable at these Q&A's over the years...he straight up was heckling poor Affeldt the entire time. What a bully hahaha jk. In all seriousness, I did enjoy the Q&A session.

Autograph haul

Three days until pitchers and catchers report, a few weeks until spring training games, and less than two months until Opening Day. Who's ready for baseball season?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Year's at Disneyland

Apologies for a photo-heavy post, but it's hard to fit two days of Disneyland into one post without a million and one pictures! We welcomed in the new year at Disneyland for two days of Disney fun, starting with our 18-hour day for New Year's Eve. The park closed at 2am, and we intended to take full advantage of it. Roger's friend joined us for New Year's Eve as well, and since it was her first time in Disneyland, we needed to be on a tight schedule so we could hit up all the rides and attractions in the allotted amount of time. Not to mention that New Year's Eve was crazy busy as well. In the evening, it was basically impossible to move from one side of the park to the other without being caught in a slow-moving sea of people. But it was worth it for all the New Year's Eve events we got to partake in, including the epic dance parties taking place all over the park.

As you know, this was my first holiday season at Disneyland, and the decorations were just as amazing over on the Disneyland side. The castle, Small World, the trees, and all the Christmas-themed rides were just amazing, especially at night! It was absolutely beautiful, and it makes me want to go back every single holiday season!

Our first day was to show Roger's friend around the park and ride as many attractions as we possibly could. 18 hours may seem like a lot of time but with the park as crowded as it was, we had to be on point with our scheduling. Thankfully we were able to hit up every major ride with the exception of "it's a small world" because our friend had to leave at 12:30am, but it was still a very successful day! We also celebrated the countdown at the Small World dance party with dancing to awesome music with Disney characters on stage. It was super fun! By the end of the night though, my feet were absolutely dying haha.

Our second day at Disneyland was a lot more chill and relaxing, since we hit up most things the first day. We took it easy and were able to go on repeat rides that deserved multiple visits, as well as meet Thor and Captain America. It's not a complete Disney trip without seeing my favorite Marvel characters! 

No Disneyland trip is complete without a ton of food:


A mac and cheese hot dog, with bacon bits

Dole whips!

Fish and chips

Coke float and ice cream
Corn chowder

Ahhh I still have Disney withdrawals even now...I can't wait to go back soon :) Until next time, Disneyland! You're the best :)